Welcome to Harrison Designs.

Harrison Designs is a professional design company based in Malaysia.We always strive to produce the best looking designs to suit your needs.

We specialize in :

  1. Packaging Design
  2. Tin & Box Design
  3. Banner, Banting, Billboard, Lightbox Design & Printing
  4. Profile, Catalog, Sticker/Car sticker, Greeting Card Design, & Printout
  5. Digital Photography – Shooting, Photo Touchup & Print out
  6. Video Shooting & Editing Service
  7. Fast Print & Photo Enlargement up to 43 iches
  8. Colour Separation, Artpro Job Seperation & Film Output
  9. Souvenir & Gift
  10. Car Sticker Printing & Design
  11. Artpro Job Separation, Colour Separation & Film Output


Harrison Designs features an integrated team of director, designer, video editor, professional photographer to get a good design. For the past 20 years, we have build a reputation for creating many types of design for our clients with our experience. If you are SERIOUS about your product design, please contact us for more information.